In today’s world, knowledge is the biggest ever-growing asset any organization has. It has the capacity to drive organizational performance in new and efficient manners. Our aim is to make a difference in the organizational use of this asset in a controlled approach, considering all the risks and challenges enveloping the process of managing and employing disparate data and information sources in rapidly changing technologies and conditions.


To be the preferred data partner for organizations, applying technology and its surrounding factors of success within a highly ethical code of conduct, while participating in the advancement of the Data Science domain in general, through employment of organizational intelligence for empowerment and creation of significant value for our clients.


Our top priority is customer success, achieved through maximization of advantage, while maintaining adherence to ethical, governance, security and data handling standards.

Established in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Make Data is a consultancy firm specialized in Data services and advanced analytics delivered to telecom, web, banking and finance, retail as well as hospitality and entertainment sectors, operating at the intersection of information and data strategy, advanced technology, market research and human capital to activate data sources, generate new revenue streams, and improve consistency in performance for organizations.

We strive to maintain the highest levels of handling data, governance and information creation for our clients. Following a structured method aimed at capability building of culture, people and technology. Supporting senior clients in their plans to introduce and implement advanced analytics and embed it into the operating model of the organization, to activate the real power of analytics.

Our operating model combines expertise of leading local and regional partners working at the different ends of information activation process, as well as a diverse interdisciplinary team consisting of strategists, data scientists, designers and engineers. With knowledge and experience to address every facet of how data and analytics affect a client’s organizational performance in general, and problem solving capabilities applied to answer critical questions for clients and create innovative solutions focused to deliver on the client’s objectives.


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